Monday, March 05, 2018

Furious post ! -Double thumbs down to Swiss Wellness Cosmeceuticals, Puchong Branch-

I don’t mind hard selling however attitude of the staff and quality of service could be improved. I don’t mind if you give me constructive feedback about my face condition however the staff who did the facial for me went overboard saying that she thinks I have many body toxin and will get cancer if i do not do further treatment. (I’m merely doing a facial treatment , in what way could you see I have body toxin and could get cancer? Excuse me, are you a doctor?)
 The sales tactics is to “scare” you by telling how terrible your conditions is now so that you will sign up package or buy products. I think she really give too many unnecessary negative comments beyond her job scopes and I’m very unhappy with her service.
Side note, I went to use their toilet and the washing hand basin have ants crawling and hair on the basin. Really unpleasant experience with this beauty salon and of course I’ll never sign package nor visit them ever again.
I mean, if you just say i have many acne and acne scars and recommend me to sign package or buy products then it’s fine. I mean i do acknowledged i have acne and acne scar issues.
But could you not condemn other part of my body? Saying I have many body toxin, and if I don’t clear it then I’ll will get cancer soon. What the hell ???? Even go beyond the limits and suggest that I’ll get cancer? I’m here for a facial treatment not blood test on cancer marker walaoeh. Tell me how to be calm?!!
Other comments that she gave about me:-
1. My face is big
2. My face look like 水肿
3. My hand and leg look like got skin itchiness issue (I don’t have any skin itchiness issue for God sake)
4. I have serious body toxin issue
5. I’ll get cancer soon if I don’t sign up to do treatment
Condemned me until this extent, is by far the worse facial beauty salon that I ever went to!! The person who served me somemore is the branch manager!!!!! How could she even qualified to be one?!
So you guys must be thinking what is my reaction towards her comments during the facial treatment… ?
 In the beginning, I really didn’t want to say anything back to her. I just said oh ya meh.. oh ya ah.. oh oh like that. Slowly I tried not to reply her totally, remain completely silent when she talks to me while doing the facial treatment. During the acne extraction, she have to come near to my face because she need to extract the acne right.. so while she is so close distant to my ears and keep on yada yada about my skin condition.. I really couldn’t take it anymore!!!
  Seriously it’s like a 蜜蜂-嗡嗡嗡嗡 on your ears!!!
So I asked her to keep quiet.
I said:- excuse me, do you mind if i give you a feedback? Could you please stop talking? I’m here for a facial treatment to relax and enjoy the treatment, if you keep talking about all these I feel very uncomfortable. I’ll appreciate if you could keep quiet now and if you have any remarks on my face please only tell it when you’re done with the facial treatment. Moreover, you put on music 🎶 in the room , the purpose of the music is for customer to relax right.
So if you keep talking, is very noisy and hard to relax.
She keep quiet after that and quickly wrap up the entire facial treatment and done with it earlier than the time expected.
I’m there for 3 hours in total but the facial only last for 50 minutes including 20 minutes of mask application already. So means the washing and extraction only like 20 minutes? Another 10 minutes is the face pores opening steaming.
If she said my face so many pimples and so serious how come acne extraction only last merely of 15 minutes?
She took revenge because i told her to keep quiet!!
Seriously terrible service till the maximum!!!
If you come across this beauty salon- Swiss Wellness Cosmeceuticals, Puchong Kenari Branch- Branch Manager name is Sylvia, please do not let her do facial for you!!!

Saturday, February 03, 2018

Saturday’s meal and activities

Saturday’s meal and activities

 Grand cafe the butler | Etten Leur 
First try at Grand cafe the butler

All time favorite- Latte Macchiato

@jossy hubby


Hubby’s appetizers

My appetizers

My main course- bacon wrapped with chicken fillet. The sauce is made with some alcohol. Quite nice 👍🏼


My dessert- homemade brownies with raspberry sorbet and whipped cream

Love the raspberry sorbet because is sourish haha 😆 feel nice having some sourish things after a full meal.
 And as for today’s breakfast:- 

Avocado scrambled eggs with toast


 Rummikub session after dinner 🍴 

Played Rummikub last week at MIL’s house but we didn’t have the set at home so we used cards to play it haha 😆
Hubby always the winner 🙄🙄🙄

Thursday, February 01, 2018

9 more days!!!!!

 9 more days!!!!! 
Seriously can’t hide my excitement of how happy and excited I am to be going home 🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾 I’ve been waiting for this since forever and now it’s gonna happen in 9 days! I don’t mean that I don’t like living here but I’m just sooooo looking forward to meet my family and friends again! My schedule for the first two weeks is completely full! Meeting up with so many different friends and relatives haha 😆 all my friends asked if can meet earlier lol feel good to be missed and ofcos I missed them a lot too😁
Just so so so so so happy. All the gifts & souvenirs that I prepared for everyone are completed!! Sooooo heavy haha but since I’m not planning to bring much of my own things back because we could buy everything there and I have full cupboard of clothes back home so I won’t bring much so that I could bring back more of my things from there to here. 

Airport parking will be hell expensive so we will be taking bus then train to the airport. But when I’m coming home then hubby could pick me up.
Because he’s coming back much earlier than me. He will be only there for 2 weeks and me 6 weeks 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 I’ll definitely miss him for abit but 4 weeks gonna passby fast. 

Monday, January 29, 2018

Updated Linked-In Profile

Updated Linked-In Profile

I’ve not been working for 8 months already and I really miss having a full time job. Especially the salary part of course. And also the self-fulfillment part. I’ve updated my Linked-In profile and connected with many ex-colleagues and realized most of them have been promoted to higher positions in the company. 

Hopefully I’ll be able to find a part time/full time job after completing my Dutch lessons & Integration Program.
I wanted to apply for jobs now but it is simply not feasible because I’m going back to Malaysia in less than 2 weeks time for 1 & a half month. Furthermore, I still need to complete my Dutch lesson and Integration course so it isn’t the right time now, yet.

Hopefully there is company still willing to hire me after not working for almost a year 😰 shall try my luck when the timing is right.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Dinner in MIL’s House | Board game

Dinner in MIL’s House | Board game

Dropped by Lidl yesterday to buy things for my friends & family haha

Bought this bottle of red wine for my dad. Actually I don’t know if it’s nice 😅 just thought packaging looks okay. Red wine from France.
Bought 6 boxes of these for neighbors 😂
Digestive biscuits for my mom, she liked this eventhough is very plain and normal but she is having diabetes so plain one will do for her.
Belgium pralines for church cell group members.
 And I’m not done yet😅 
Still need some stroopwaffles & biscuits haha! Everyone is requesting for stroopwaffles seems like everyone love it so yeah😍
Last but not least, thanks @jossy hubby for sponsoring all these haha 😆

I think I shocked him a little the amount of things that I got for others 😂 first year balik kampong so yeah haha
Edited our wedding photos and videos! Hehe 😉 because mom wanna show it to our friends & relatives during CNY. Haha 😆
Went MIL’s house today for dinner.

Salad 🥗
Chicken dish which tasted so gooooood

Yummmm 😋😋😋
Played board games after dinner together with husband and MIL.
My first time playing this board game and never even heard of it. Haha but it’s super fun though!