Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Belgium- Family Reunification Visa (The F Card)

Hi Readers,

Today I would like to share my experience in applying family reunification visa (spouse visa) in Belgium. My husband and I went through many procedures to get me the F card and these procedures can be very tedious. I remembered I had a lot of stress applying for this visa because I simply don't know how to get it all started and there is no one that I'm able to consult in this regards. Like many others, I went online to search for websites or blogs whereby people shared their experiences in how to apply this visa. Hence, today I would like to also share my experiences and hope that this post will somehow help others whom are going through the visa applications like me before.

Of course, not all the procedure is standard because it very much depends on your situation. Everyone comes from different background and situation so my way of applying it may not be the same for everyone. So just let me give you a little bit of my background before I write my experiences. My husband is Dutch nationality (he born in The Netherlands) but residing in Belgium, hence in our case the EU laws applies instead of the national laws. I am Malaysian citizen and my husband and I got married in Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara, Petaling Jaya (Malaysia) on 7 June 2017. On 25 June 2017, my husband and I flew back to Belgium via Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

Malaysia citizens does not required a visa to enter any countries within the European Union for 90 days, hence my husband and I directly went back 'home' in Belgium and submitted our long term stay visa application in the local commune.

The necessary documents are listed as below and some of these documents need to be translated to the Dutch Language (You need to translate the documents in the appointed translation company/office by the Belgium Embassy in Malaysia) and it also need to be certified true copy by the Foreign Affairs Ministry in Malaysia & Belgium Embassy in Malaysia:-

1. Passport and a photostat copy (This does not need to be translated if it's contains English, for example my passport is in Bahasa Malaysia and English- bilingual)

2. Certificate of good conduct issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs (original copy and translated copy *translation in Dutch* must be certified by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Belgium Embassy in your home country)

3. Medical Check-Up Report (I was told by the local commune that this is not necessary, even the Belgium Official Visa Application Information website didn't state this as requirement however the Belgium embassy in Malaysia asked me to do it so I did anyway and also submitted this to the local commune even though is not mandatory). The medical report is in English and was done in the panel clinic that was appointed by the Belgium embassy in Malaysia. Hence, this report does not need to be certify or translated because it was done in the panel clinic.

4. Extraction of Birth Certificate (My birth certificate is also bilingual however it need to be translated to Dutch so I did it anyway.  I requested an extraction of my birth certificate in Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara, Putrajaya- basically this extraction is like a dupe of your original birth certificate. So I brought the extraction of birth certificate and the translation to be certify by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and also by the Belgium embassy in Malaysia.)

5. Extraction of Marriage Certificate (My marriage certificate is also bilingual however it need to be translated to Dutch so I did it anyway.  I requested an extraction of my marriage certificate in Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara, Petaling Jaya- basically this extraction is like a dupe of your original marriage certificate. So I brought the extraction of marriage certificate and the translation to be certify by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and also by the Belgium embassy in Malaysia.)

Besides all these documents that need to be prepared by my side (the one who applying for family reunification visa), my husband side (the EU family member aka your sponsor) also need to prepare some documents as per below:-

1. Proof of a suitable house to live in (Rental contract or house ownership proof)

2. Health insurance for both husband and wife in Belgium. In our case, we have insurance covered both in The Netherlands and Belgium because my husband work in The Netherlands hence we need to have insurance covered in both countries.

3. Sufficient means of income to live in Belgium (I am not sure what is the benchmark of this criteria but it is not that high requirement, in our case my husband- the sponsor need to show his salary pay slip to prove that we have sufficient incomes to live in Belgium). 


You need to inform the local commune and also submit all your relevant documents within 7 days of arrival in Belgium. 

I submitted mine the next day that I have arrived and I got a temporary A4 paper document issued to me mentioning that I am in the midst of applying for my family reunification visa. Next, the local police officer will also drop by your place of residency to check if you and your family member- in our case spouse are indeed living together. (They will drop by randomly without making appointment, in our case there are two police officers dropped by on a Saturday morning but they only come in for a short while and only asked to see our passport) 

A few days to a week later, I was called by the local commune to pick up The Orange Card which allows me to stay in Belgium for 6 months while waiting for my long stay visa (The F Card which valid for 5 years and renewable.) So after obtaining The Orange Card, the waiting game begins. There's nothing much to do until the expiry date of you Orange Card which is 6 months later. 

My Orange card was expired on Christmas day hence there are no one working during that period so I needed to wait until 3rd January to get a confirmation or status of my visa application. Thank God my visa was approved, the local commune scanned my passport photo (must be white background) and that is the photo that will appear on your F Card and also issued a temporary A4 paper documents to me mentioning that my long stay visa of 5 years is approved and are in the midst of getting the F Card. Few days to a week later, we received via post a document from the government containing the PUK and PIN code. With this letter, you can drop by the local commune to get your F Card and then reset your PIN code in the machine. And voila! Here is your 5 years family reunification visa presented in the F Card! 

All the documents extraction, translation and certify true copy fees need to be bear fully on your own however the visa is free if your sponsor/family member/spouse is an EU-Citizen. 

After going through such a long long process for about 9 months- 3 months in getting all the documents to be extracted, translated, certified, another 6 months of waiting the status of approval after you have submitted the application- FINALLY I've obtained my F Card yesterday!

I hope this post does help you to a certain extend if you are currently going through the same procedures as what I've been through! At least I am glad that the whole process of waiting the status of approval that I am able to live with my husband in Belgium and need not separate with my loved one :) 

Thanks for reading!


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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Hello- After One Year of not writing on this space !

Hi Readers!

It's been a year since I last updated my blogspot. But I didn't stop writing, I just changed to another platform- Dayre. Follow me if you're interested: YangYangBaitu (my username on Dayre) haha.

So what's the big changes in this one year?

I guess the biggest changes will be as the following:-

1. I'm married!!! :) to my beloved husband- Jossy
2. I have relocated from Malaysia to Belgium! I've been staying here for 4 months by now.
3. I had resigned from my job in RBC.

Well, 2017 is such a big transformation year for me- from resigned to getting married to relocating. Phew... I'm more settled down now in Belgium, just ...still awaiting for my spouse visa approval. Other than that, I'm pretty much worry-free.

Well, do I miss home you may ask, yes very much I do. However, I have learned to embrace the different lifestyle here in Europe, of course it is not so easy. After 4 months of living here at times I just feel like when can I go back home to Malaysia? But I must not think so because now that I'm married and living here permanently, I should make myself more happy & at ease of living here. No point looking back because it is unlikely that we will go back anytime soon. Of course we're still visiting Malaysia for at least once a year but I mean relocating back there maybe is not in the near future plan. We shall see.

Things that I miss the most back home- my parents, family & friends. Next would be FOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. I didn't realize how blessed we Malaysian are with the choices of good food we have at home. Not to mention it is also very cheap & affordable. We literally can have any cuisine we want in the world back home, but the best is still our local food which is authentic and flavorful (just a personal preference). I will have hard time if my friends were to ask me what food is good here in Belgium/Netherlands? Hmmm, Waffles? Chocolates? Cheese? But if you were to ask me what food is good in Malaysia? The lists is long..... Nasi Lemak, Char Kuey Teoh, Asam Laksa, Curry Laksa, Dim Sum, Bak Kut Teh, Penang Har Mee, Steamboat, Lok Lok, Roti Canai, Mamak Goreng, Nasi Kerabu... etc etc etc etc.... There are soooooo much to eat and my saliva is dripping now.

The good news is... I'm going back for 6 weeks in February 2018 and I'm sooooo excited. I will appreciate more of the food and also the companionship from my friends & family.

That's all I had for now, till we meet again.

Au Revoir!

Friday, November 04, 2016

Second Day in Santorini, Greece- Travel Post-

Hi readers!

Happy weekend! I'm here to update my travel posts again in Santorini, Greece- Day 2 :)

Let's get started.

The second day in Santorini we went for our pre-wedding photoshoot in Oia, Santorini. It took approx. 2-3 hours (didn't really keep track of the time) and once the photo shoot is done we wandered & explored around Oia!

Oia is the most beautiful town in Santorini whereby you could get the best picturesque!

Caldera view from Oia, Santorini.

Souvenirs hanging on the wall.

Just a little tips- Souvenirs in Oia tends to be more expensive than other places. So it is more advisable to get it in Fira as the price is slightly cheaper. You can even find Santorini theme souvenirs in Athens and the price there are also lower. 

I didn't know that prior visiting so I ended up buying a lot of souvenirs from Oia and later found out that the prices were lower in Fira. (Just slightly lower not tremendous difference)

Beautiful paintings.

This shop sell beautiful jewellery- Athens Protasis which have outlets widely across Santorini or Athens hence shouldn't be a hassle finding this shop.

The jewellery is of good quality and affordable price.

Probably a bracelet will cost around 8 euros and a necklace around 12 euros; the price will be higher if it has more details. 

You can read more on Trip Advisor to find out the commentaries and designs.

Loving my OOTD

Blouse: Dorothy Perkins

Skirt: Zara

Sling bag/clutch: Random shop in Kenanga Fashion Mall

My lunch of the day- Baked sardines.

First time trying Yemista and totally fall in love with it.

Basically it 's pepper and tomato stuffed with herbs rice!

I ordered it again in another restaurant in Athens and sooooo much in love with it. I am craving for it now as I watches my photos!

Hopefully can find something similar in KL :p

I'm going to learn how to make this when I'm a housewife later! Haha :) 

AddressOia 847 02, Greece

We had one of the photo shoot taken here. :)

Next stop: Santo Winery for Wine tasting!

Santo Wines Winery

AddressPIRGOS, Thira 847 00, Greece

19 Euros for this set- 6 wine flights with cheese, olives, bread stick and tomatoes dip!

Super worth it and awesome as you get the sunset view!

The wine lists.

This view is so so so so breath taking and you could enjoy the wines with your loved ones- beyond perfection.

My fiance and husband to be :)

So madly in love with you :) Thanks for everything!

That basically sums up my Day 2 in Santorini! 

-Wedding photo shoot in Oia
-Exploring Oia and bought many Santorini theme souvenirs
-Wine tasting in Santo Wine Winery

And also bought a bottle of wine which we both like it very much during the wine tasting. Only gonna drink it during our wedding day next year June 10th 2017. Haha! It's gonna be so memorable when we open the bottle of wine in our marriage day as it will remind us so much about our pre-honeymoon trip in Santorini,Greece. 

Till then, Aurevoir! Stay tune for the next post- Oia sunset cruise excursion!

Friday, October 28, 2016

First Day in Santorini, Greece - Travel Post-

Hello lovely readers!

Today I'm going to write about my first day trip in Santorini, Greece.

I wanted to do a more comprehensive post, hence I will divide the posts in number of days.

Let's get started!

October 9 was our 2 years anniversary! How time flies! We met in Singapore, live in Malaysia and now traveling to EU together. All in the span of 2 years.

Initially we booked our flight tickets to fly from Athens to Santorini, however the flight got cancelled due to union strike and it was hell frustrating.

We went to the tickets counter in airport to make a complain/refund etc but to no avail. The ticket counter staff wasn't helpful or friendly and just try to push us away by asking us to call the airline hotline number which doesn't work- because they don't pick up the calls.

Anyway, all had past and we opted ferry as the solution- Blue Star Ferries.

I'm so happy to reunite with the love of my life after being in LDR for 6 months.

See how matching the color of his clothes with the blue sky & sea?

A photo together on the ferry/cruise.

I'm so fond of Greece flag! It is sooo pretty- blue & white.

At one of the island stops. 

Fiance enjoying the sea breeze.

After 8 hours long cruise trip finally we had arrived Santorini Greece!

First stop: Mama House for FOOOOOOOD :)

Greek salad topped with feta cheese!

Not really a fan of feta cheese so the fiance had most of the cheese while I devour on the greens!

Chicken souvlaki which tasted absolutely delicious!

Below are the pita breads!

Fiance had his mythos beer while I have my Greek coffee- frappe.

The ambiance.

Look up for Mama House when you visit Santorini! Price is affordable and food is absolutely good.

Mama House (Fira)
AddressThera 847 00, Greece
As for dinner we had it at Bella Thira!

A simple yet nicely decorated restaurants.

Greek coffee again.

I spammed so much of Greek coffee throughout our trip, it is cheap and good quality!

Love the wall background.

Can't really remember the name of this dish but it was named spicy chicken something.

It tasted nice as what I can remember. :)

Chicken souvlaki again for the fiance as earlier in Mama House he had lamb souvlaki.

However as you can see the portion is much lesser than in Mama's House.

Bella Thira
Address: Imerovigli 847 00, Greece

Besides, we also rented car in Santorini from Sixt.

The price was approx. EUR100 for 4 days 3 nights with GPS. (Not inclusive of insurance)

The car we got is Renault Clio! A very chic and savvy car. 

Fiance looks happy with the car and for me as well I really like the car. It's small, compact, savvy and looks chic.

Selfie in the car.

That's basically our first day in Santorini as we couldn't do much - the cruise itself was already 8 hours long. Once we arrived, we went to Fira to collect the car in Sixt office, had our lunch and head to our hotel.

After a short rest in the hotel, we went out for dinner at Imerovigli and that's all for the first day.

Stay tune for our next post as it's gonna be very exciting! Pre-wedding photoshoot, wine tasting and wandering in Oia (most picturesque town in Santorini).

If you are interested in seeing my pre-wedding photo shoot pictures, can click on the below links:-

Till then, AuRevoir!